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214 West 29 street 16th floor
New York
United States

You can learn to tap into your innate ability to facilitate healing on ONE afternoon! On Saturday February 18, Kevin Kiernan will initiate you into this amazing healing practice! The workshop is scheduled for 4 hours and takes place in Alexandria, VA just one mile South of the Beltway. Visit the Meetup link below for details.

Two Thousand years ago, a Divine Master walked the planet and offered us a message of Love, Forgiveness and Healing. We were promised that all that He did, we too would be able to do and whenever two or more of us were gathered together in His name, that he too would be there with us! Your Initiation into Trinity Healing is an experiential workshop designed to open the door to Christ consciousness in your life and show you how you can instantly and automatically tap into this Divine Grace and facilitate healing experiences in your home, family and community! Unlike other esoteric practices, Trinity Healing doesn’t ask you to adopt new age mythologies that would be inconsistent with your religious beliefs and does not contain any dogmas or practices that are in conflict with your belief in God as your First Source and Center. As Christ’s ministry and miracles of healing were all done in the context of the free will choice to do only God’s will, so is the the conduct of the Trinity Healing practice. We do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. What we do is strictly a faith based practice within which we bring your innate connection with our Creator into your conscious awareness and show you how to share it with others.

Your event registration fee is payable through the Paypal Buy Now button on the home page. Only pre-paid registrations will be honored. You can pay for you admission in cash at the time of the Initiation if arranged in advance.

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