What is Trinity Healing?

Trinity Healing is a faith based healing ministry grounded in the truth of the Christ mission on earth 2,000 years ago. In the Gospel according to John, Jesus said “Verily, verily I say on to you, that whatever I do you too will be able to do and more…”. Read your New Testament. In John 14 two promises were made. Jesus was emphatic, that He would remain with us as The Spirit of Truth and that the miracles that evidenced the presence of God in His life and would be available to us and through us just as they were with Him. As with Christ, miracles of healing are always and ONLY subject to the will of God, not the will of the practitioner or the desires and intentions of the subject of the healing encounter. Jesus lived is entire life subject to the Will of God. The outcome of every Miracle he performed was subject to the Will of His Father. Trinity Healing is grounded completely in our making the free will choice to do the Will of God and accept as appropriate whatever outcome materializes from our healing work.

What is The Spirit of Truth?

The gift of the Pentecost is the ongoing presence within each and every one of us of a direct connection with the Christ. On our level, a conscious intellectual communication and understanding of this divine presence is beyond man. We can however enjoy a vibrational experience of the blessed connection. On the level of form where all we experience a reflection of our separation from God, we only have Point of View. We cannot possibly see all aspects to every situation and thereby enjoy complete understanding of anything. This explains why when we fall into the trap of judging anyone or anything we are in grave error. The closest we can come to Truth is a vibrational experience of it. The cliche that something “rings true” is a profound statement. Truth always resonates within us in a way that transcends mere intellectual understanding. It is within these vibrational experiences that we connect with that Spirit of Truth which Christ left with us.

What is the Vibration of Trust?

Every time we join with another human being and allow for the vibrational experience to unfold in the context of our complete Trust that God’s will, will be manifest in our experience, then we are residing within the Vibration of Trust. It is when we step aside and do not attempt to add anything to what Spirit provides for the subject of our healing encounters, that we are in that place of Trust that is the foundation of this healing work.

Is Trinity Healing a religion?

What is religion? Most people think of organized religion when they hear the word religion. Trinity Healing is only religion on a personal level. It is about the practitioner’s belief in Christ’s promises kept and the free will choice made to act as the witness to whatever miracle is appropriate for those seeking his help. It is a healing ministry grounded in personal faith not membership in a sect, denomination or affiliation with a cult of personality.

The most important and also most heavily resisted component of Christ’s teaching was that the Kingdom of God is within. The religion of Jesus was all about doing God’s Will, Loving everyone, Forgiving everything and Trusting that God as our Loving Father is always and forever with us. He did not found ANY Church. He did not elevate any clergy to stand between you and Him. The cult that sprung up ABOUT Jesus is not the religion OF Jesus.

Trinity healing is Faith in action. It is about your personal faith and trust in God and that he is a loving and active presence in our lives. It is about your personal faith in Christ’s active role as our gateway to our own ascension and to his intercession in our lives.

Do you have to be a “Christian” to practice Trinity Healing?

NO! Christ wasn’t a Christian any more than Buddha was a Buddhist; why would you have to join any church? You simply have to be a human. A human who accepts the reality of a Supreme Being who is an active, infinitely loving presence in your life, and that Christ’s life and mission is an active and ongoing vibrational presence in our lives, available to assist us in our own Spiritual advancement. This is your birthright!

Christ’s message of the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man was meant for ALL of us. It is all inclusive. It is through the vibrational experience of this work that people of all creeds can get back in touch with that Truth!

I am not a Christian, can I still practice Trinity Healing?

Yes and I encourage you to explore this work fully. As an Initiate, you take on no responsibilities for advocating for or representing the belief system within which the Trinity Healing practice is taught. Your Initiation is God’s choosing you. You can access this vibration in whatever religious context you want as long as you do not attach my name to what you are doing. If you move forward to the practitioner level and beyond and promote the work using my name and Trademarks, you need to be aligned with the messaging as presented through Kevin Kiernan and Trinity Wellness LLC.

Certainly, as a Christian, Jew or Muslim, adopting the core principle of this work will be easier than if you are a pagan. Personally I think the blending of the pure religion of Jesus with the sublime philosophy of living offered by Buddhism is a great combination.

I am a Medical Professional and cannot risk my professional standing by offering this work… any suggestions?

Yes! Trinity Healing isn’t about what you do, it is about who you are! It is Your BEINGNESS not your DOINGNESS! What I recommend for any progressive, spiritually attuned conventional healing professional do, is to participate in your own Initiation in Trinity Healing and what what happens in your practice as your own transformation uplifts your other practice. At the start of every patient encounter, direct your attention at the always present vibration within you and accept that it will be a constant contribution in support of your work. This work is not meant to replace doctors, nurses and chiropractors but it can enhance their work.

How is it different from other modalities that I have heard about?

Trinity Healing is a 2,000 year old promise kept. Most other “metaphysical” healing practices are not faith based. Any healing practice grounded in “magical thinking” is antithetical to what we do. True healing is not about pills and potions, spells and incantations, projected intentions or practitioner directed energies. Trinity Healing is all about the practitioner setting aside their own will and accepting God’s Will as their own. Other practices typically are all about the practitioner working their plan, not God’s. They will diagnose, prescribe and treat the imagined illness of a person who still believes that the body they imagine that they are, is broken and needs to be fixed.

Trinity Healing is philosophically grounded in the non-dualistic point of view that our experience on this planet and on this plane truly are what the Hindu’s refer to as the Maya. The illusion! Do you really believe that a perfect Creator could produce an imperfect human? A Course in Miracles, in a lesson titled “Sickness as a Defense Against the Truth” addresses this. The truth is that sickness is just the Ego’s way of convincing you that you are body and that you are separated from God and your fellow man. Trinity Healing is the vibrational experience that gives lie to this. We are all one with each other and our Creator! When we shift into this truth on a vibrational level our innate capacity to heal is triggered.

What does the Initiation in Trinity Healing entail?

The Initiation workshop is a 3-4 hour experience focused on your getting into conscious touch with the vibrations of healing. The workshop is conducted as an interactive exercise during which the participants will spend time both as facilitator of and the recipient of the healing work. This Initiation is the most important phase of the process of learning this practice. The truth of what we do cannot be explained or taught, it can only be experienced and remembered. Between your own individual healing session and the Initiation Workshop, the vast majority of participants will have a conscious experience on the vibration and will be able to call it up on demand. Your result of course may vary.

How long does it take to be able to facilitate healing sessions?

The most important thing to know about the Initiation process is that once you go through it, you will be fully capable of facilitating healing sessions. No further training is required although you may benefit from additional training and coaching. At the point you complete your Initiation process, you are encouraged to share this work as you see fit within the fair use requirements for trademarks.

Do I need to become a Trinity Healing Practitioner in order to do healing sessions?

No. You cannot advertise yourself as a Practitioner of Trinity Healing before you complete the Practitioner Workshop. Those who have predetermined that they are going to do “pro bono” or volunteer work, need proceed no further in their training. Those who wish to establish a professional fee based practice are strongly encouraged to complete the Facilitator Workshop. You will be facilitating sessions within an hour of the start of your Initiation Workshop.

How long does it take to become a practitioner?

The Practitioner Workshop is one full day. Your completed and registered Initiation is a per-requisite for this class. Depending on where you are located, the workshops may be available from weeks to months apart. In the Washington DC and New York City area, workshops will be held on a regular basis with Initiations being held monthly and Practitioner Workshops quarterly or semi-annually based on demand.

After I complete my Initiation in Trinity Healing, am I allowed to teach people?

No, but Spirit will chose those who are called. The first step in your remembering your innate capacity to work within this vibration is to received the work. Therefore every single person whom you interact with is in exchange with their first teacher. What you cannot do is reproduce or deliver the Initiation to Trinity Healing. This class is protected by both copyright and trademark. If you feel called to teach, please advance into the teaching levels of this practice.

I want to teach others to access this vibration but I do not want to be part of your teaching program, can I do this?

Your access to the vibration is your birthright, when you chose to be Spirit led and Spirit supports you in your work, I have no say. Your choice to move in a different direction from Trinity Healing must be inside of a complete dissociation with my name and trademarks.

I want to become part of the Trinity Healing Teaching Staff, how do I accomplish this goal?

How much does it cost to go through the complete program from Initiate to Practitioner to Initiation Leader?
The first three levels as they exist at the time of this writing total $1,710 (USD), not including incidental costs, travel and lodging. Additionally, Initiation Leader candidates will bear the cost of completing their participation on staff in the minimum three Initiations required by that program. The current fee schedule as of February 1, 2012 (subject to modification) is $150 for your half day Initiation in Trinity Healing. Your fee includes a $15 registration paid by your Initiation Leader to Trinity Wellness LLC to record your Initiation. Only registered applicants will be admitted to the Practitioner Training. Your Practitioner Workshop fee is $360 for the full day event. This fee includes a $36 payable by your instructor to Trinity Wellness LLC to register your successful completion of the workshop. Applicants who are accepted into the Initiation Leader Program pay a fee of $1,200 for the two day workshop and the coaching call series. Initiation Leaders will also be required to participate in no less than three Initiations to demonstrate their mastery before being released to lead their own workshops. There will be continuing education courses of undetermined cost added to the curriculum over time so that all participants can maintain competence.

Can I use the name Trinity Healing or other trademarks in my advertising or on my website?

Yes and No, depending on what level of training you have completed. Fair use of trademarks is a topic that is very important to any company. After your Initiation, Spirit and Spirit alone decides if “He” will work with you in the facilitation of Miracles. On the mundane level at which we operate as human beings and companies, the rules are a little stickier. In order to associate my name, Kevin Kiernan or Kevin P. Kiernan, and any Trademark which I claim or hold, registered or unregistered, including but not limited to Trinity Healing, Trinity healing Ministries, Trinity Wellness, The Vibration of Trust and the Spirit of Truth, with any published advertising, printed or digital, public speaking or website, you must have my expressed written permission.

Initiates: As agents of Spirit, you can go wherever Spirit leads you, including facilitating miracles of healing and personal transformation for anyone in your life for whom these miracles are appropriate, except you are not licensed to use my trademarks just yet. Completion of your Practitioner Workshop and Practitioner Agreement is required first.

Practitioners: After successful completion of your Practitioner Workshop and acceptance by me or my designated agent of your signed Practitioner Agreement, you will be allowed the Fair Use of my Trademarks and receive this license in your workshop materials. Please be clear on what the legal definition of ‘Fair Use’ means. The short version is that Practitioners can use my Trademarks only so long as they are in good standing, they are representing this practice in complete integrity, delivering the messaging, philosophy and mission of this work in complete alignment with Kevin Kiernan and his designated successors. Kevin Kiernan and Trinity Wellness LLC will be the sole arbiter of what is in alignment.

Initiation Leader level affiliates and above: Having already received the license to use the Trademarks at the Practitioner Level, Instructor level affiliates accept the responsibility of monitoring the Fair Use of the Trademarks around the Trinity Healing practice to maintain the integrity of the work and that all communication around the practice are of the highest quality.

What do you mean when you say that a Practitioner or Initiation Leader is an “affiliate”?

Trinity Wellness LLC DBA Trinity Healing Ministries is by design is a “flat” organization. For the foreseeable future, all Practitioners and Initiation Leaders (excepting Kevin Kiernan) will be independent contractors whose relationship with the work will be an “at will” affiliation and not in any way a matter of employment. Each affiliate is personally and legally responsible for their own actions and accepts responsibility for all liability associated with the conduct of their own practice. This means that if you enter into practice at any level, you are responsible for managing all legal, financial and regulatory requirements of being in business in whatever jurisdiction that you reside within. You are responsible for clearly stating that you are not an employee of Kevin Kiernan or Trinity Wellness LLC and do not represent Kevin Kiernan or Trinity Wellness LLC.

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