Initiations in Trinity Healing

Two Thousand years ago, a Divine Master walked the planet and offered us a message of Love, Forgiveness and Healing. We were promised that all that He did, we too would be able to do and whenever two or more of us were gathered together in His name, that he too would be there with us! Your Initiation into Trinity Healing is an experiential workshop designed to open the door to Christ consciousness in your life and show you how you can instantly and automatically tap into this Divine Grace and facilitate healing experiences in your home, family and community! Unlike other esoteric practices, Trinity Healing doesn’t ask you to adopt new age mythologies that would be inconsistent with your religious beliefs and does not contain any dogmas or practices that are in conflict with your belief in God as your First Source and Center. As Christ’s ministry and miracles of healing were all done in the context of the free will choice to do only God’s will, so is the the conduct of the Trinity Healing practice. We do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

What we do is strictly a faith based practice within which we bring your innate connection with our Creator into your conscious awareness and show you how to share it with others. While my personal beliefs are based in the religion of Jesus, yours need not be in order to tap into this work. The message of the Christ is that there is a loving God who created the Universe, the Brotherhood of Man and that we are here to learn to do God’s will and that by living a life grounded in Love and Forgiveness, we are living His will. This message was delivered almost 2,000 years ago and was meant for every person, not just the few. It was meant to uplift the entire planet, not just one tribe or race. It was meant to transform mankind, not to become another religion. This practice is for every person, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Jew, or any other person open to God being active in their life experience.

Your Initiation into this Healing work will consist of 3-4 hours (depending on attendance) of experiential exercises. Little more than one hour will be devoted to lecture. The balance will consist of actively tapping into this Divine gift of Healing.

My curriculum is designed to teach distance healing in the second phase of training scheduled to launch this summer. Until September 2012, I will be including distance healing in the Initiation Workshop. What this means for you is that you can learn the practice of Trinity Healing in one afternoon! Parents who desire their children under the age of 14 to participate in the Initiation can bring them for the reduced rate of $60. Children 15 and up can attend alone with parental permission and pay the full Initiation fee

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